Photo prints?

Hello¡ I’m just thinking to start printing some of my photos and sell ti in this web page. I would like to get your feedback iether here via comment or in my Instagram account. Some questions?

1)Would you be interested in acquire a photo?

2)If yes, what would be your prefer option? Download the RAW and/or JPG file and then you print it (cheaper option) or get a printed copy?

3) How much would you pay for this?

4) Any other suggestion?

Thanks a lot¡

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Toro Bravo Photography

Street Photography is my passion, I’m Mexican actually living in Panama.

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  1. Your best bet would be to advertise on your web site that you have prints for sale. Show which prints and what sizes are available and if they are framed / mounted or unmounted. When you receive orders, get a professional print lab to print the photos on archival paper, mount / frame them if required and send the print to the customer. That way you can set your own price and you have complete control. Alternatively, upload the photos to a site that will provide a print on demand service e.g. redbubble and they will do all the hard work of printing and sending out the prints for you (for a cost). Don’t allow other people to have access to your raw files as these are your digital negatives. You need to maintain control over your images so don’t send out high res jpegs either… it would be easy for other people to share and / or use them without your knowledge or permission. Check what other people are selling prints for on their websites… some people sell prints very cheaply, others charge a lot of money. Depends on how much work went into the image, the size of the print, the paper and mounting etc. and on how much you think your work is worth. Good luck!

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  2. No problem! Yes, I use redbubble for some prints and for selling things like cushion covers and bags with my photos on. I also sell prints to people who contact me via my websites and I use a photo lab in the UK to do the prints (simlab). I’ve also used online photo labs for canvas prints (these are great – don’t need to worry about mattes and frames). It’s worth looking at metal and acrylic prints as well; these are more expensive but they look fantastic!

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